Mission and Vision


School for Advanced Studies is committed to a comprehensive academic and collegial program which propels its community to become ethical, engaged members of a diverse society in ways that foster global consciousness.


School for Advanced Studies honors individual uniqueness and is committed to enabling its highly motivated students to achieve their academic and personal potential through an accelerated, full-time high school dual-enrollment program in a college setting.



WE view each student as a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs  with the opportunity to discover, develop, and enhance their unique and powerful voice in an inclusive environment. 


WE provide each student access to interdisciplinary opportunities that allow them to discover and explore their interests thereby fostering individual choice.


WE foster and enforce ethical and moral principles in academics and in character development based on honor, transparency, and honesty.


WE pledge to serve as a sanctuary built on mutual respect, understanding, acceptance, and security that nurtures the identities and ideas of every student. Within this environment, a community of supportive faculty and staff provides students with a support system that champions their individual needs. 


WE challenge students to become critical thinkers and intellectual risk takers so they can discover, develop, and express their independent voice.  


WE are committed to the pursuit of universal truth through the acquisition of knowledge. 


WE build character within a culture of service before self and value students who leave positive marks in their community.