Class of 2011 Alumni Testimonials

Maria Zilberman

SAS Class of 2011

University of Pennsylvania

School for Advanced Studies (SAS) has been a great experience. SAS has combined high school with college and by allotting time for independent activity and greater responsibility for one’s education has allowed me to develop my study methods and develop my education in a unique manner. The teachers have been great guides throughout these two years; they have always been ready to provide extra help or just discuss meaningful subjects in their office. The AP high school classes and college classes have challenged me to learn new subject material in a rewarding and fulfilling way that has also helped prepare me for my future studies at college.

Sophia Utset-ward


SAS Class of 2011

Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

I have really enjoyed my time at SAS. The education that I have received will help me in the future, both in college and in life. For people thinking about attending SAS, the experience of being able to take college classes along with the advanced placement courses is wonderful. These classes are helpful and put us ahead of other people in our class. The best thing about SAS is the environment. The teachers are caring and fun and the students all get along. Unlike most schools where students are competitive and do not want other people to succeed, the students at SAS form a community that encourages people to help each other strive. I believe that this school has helped me get to where I am and get into such amazing schools.