Victoria Ceballos 

“School for Advanced Studies: The Dream Factory,” read an email that landed in my inbox. Intrigued by the name, I wondered what made it a “dream factory.” It was through this very email that I took the leap to enroll in the School for Advanced Studies (SAS) Wolfson Campus, hoping to be one step closer to reaching my goals.  

Accepting my enrollment at SAS marked the beginning of two magical years filled with laughter, adventures, and unforgettable experiences that not only allowed me to reach my dreams but also create new ones. The real dream makers were my teachers and administrators, who inspired me to reach for the stars. At SAS Wolfson Campus, I had the privilege of being taught and mentored by amazing educators and administrators who made the Wolfson campus a community to always remember.  

Ms. Daire’s love for mathematics was evident in her extensive collection of math-themed shirts, each one a testament to her enthusiasm and commitment to learning. Ms. Cabrera, our AP English Language and Literature teacher, fostered a nurturing environment where every student could develop their unique voice through novels and poems that inspired us. Our school counselor and research teacher, Ms. Martinez, who treated us like her own children, instilled confidence in us and provided endless opportunities to discover our passions. Mr. Perreira, a historian at heart, would wear costumes and reenact historical moments, making history unforgettable. Ms. Toniann Fairclough’s, who we lovingly call Ms. TA, possesses an unparalleled sense of every student at our school, always knowing how to make us feel at home. And Ms. Christie greeted every student with a smile that radiated positive energy throughout each day. These were the people who made SAS Wolfson a community full of support—they were the developers of the dream factory.  

With such a supportive system, I was able to achieve the unimaginable as the District Student Government Association Community Service Chairperson, a Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute alumni, a Hispanic Scholarship Fund alumni, President of a student-led service project Agents of Change, an Ex-Officio Board member of United Way Miami, and an intern for School Board member Luisa Santos. I found my calling in helping the community, leading service initiatives not only at SAS but across many other schools in the district. These accomplishments were achieved during my time at this true dream factory, which allowed me to partake in enriching opportunities and be admitted into Yale University, the school of my dreams. School for Advanced Studies is more than just a school; it’s a community that lifts its members, turning them into stars who feel confident in achieving their dreams.  

These two years at SAS were not just an educational journey but a life-changing experience that I will cherish forever. 

Victoria Ceballos 
School for Advanced Studies Wolfson Campus, Class of 2024 
Yale University, Class of 2028