Sofia Sassone

It’s a bit difficult for me to find the right words to describe my experience at SAS. At no other school would have had the freedom and support to explore (nor would have I been able to get myself cafecitos in the morning at Gordo’s Café).

Ms. Martinez, the counselor at Wolfson, truly changed my life. Her guidance and kindness to me throughout my two years at SAS, from providing comfort during the stress that is college application season to hosting breakfasts and brunch for us Seniors, inspires me to be the best version of myself that I can be. I’ve also gained incredible time management and organizational skills from her (we’ll never forget about Q-tips and the importance of reading our emails). It’s hard for me to condense the essence of Ms. Martinez into a short paragraph— her awesomeness transcends words. Whenever I’m in a pickle, I just think “What would Ms. Martinez do?”

The teachers at SAS are also top-notch. Ms. Cabrera, our language arts teacher at Wolfson, radiates comfort and support. Our class discussions are truly insightful, and she’s successfully turned me from a poetry-hater to a poetry-enthusiast. I will not forget the peace I would feel whenever I’d sit in her office and discuss my college essays, pop culture, or Jane Austen. Ms. Daire, our mathematics teacher, is a massive proponent of STEM for our students, and encourages all to find the beauty in math. Without her, I don’t think I would have grown to enjoy math, nor would I have explored different fields such as discrete mathematics or have taken an abstract algebra class at the University of Miami. Mr. Pereira, our social science teacher, brings his lessons to life. Sitting through APUSH felt more like watching an action-packed movie than just a lecture.\

I won’t lie and say that SAS is easy— it’s not. But, I found my people. In no other school would I have had daily tea times and learned about the history of tea, or participated in mega-crossword championships with my friends. SAS is an incredible community and support system that is truly uplifting. I will never forget the memories I’ve made at this school, as the people and mentors I have found allowed me to explore subjects and opportunities I never would have considered possible. I am forever grateful for the future SAS has paved for me.

Sofia Sassone
SAS Wolfson Campus, Class of 2024
Stanford University, Class of 2028