Eva Vina Alonso

In tenth grade, I applied to SAS on a whim, a maybe, a maybe that turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Like all other SASians, we decided to leave our old schools despite the warnings of the challenging academics and the fact that we would leave our friends behind.

I will be honest: The first semester was tough. It was challenging to get used to the schedule, balance extracurriculars, and make new friends. The new environment might take some time to get used to, but I assure you, you will find your people and acclimate to the workload.

Looking back, I’m grateful for the transformative experiences I’ve had. At SAS, we’re encouraged to learn, challenge ourselves, and grow with the help of our teachers, administration, and MDC. 

From a social studies teacher who will wear guerrilla makeup to teach APUSH to a calculus teacher who wears funny math shirts to a witty language arts teacher to a counselor with a heart of gold, you’ll always be met with love by those around you.

I will forever be grateful to the maybe that got me out of my shell, allowed me to grow as an individual, make more friends, and empowered me to succeed academically.

Eva Vina Alonso
School for Advanced Studies Wolfson Campus, Class of 2024
Stanford University, Class of 2028